Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Photos of Kairos' Birth

A BIG thanks to the lovely Ashley Ham Photography for sharing in this special night with us and giving us this wonderful gift that we can always look upon to remember the birth of Kairos Yarah.  She captured some of the most intimate and powerful moments of my life!

My water broke at 7:15pm which set the labor into motion.
I am so grateful my sweet Mom was able to be there with me to share in the experience!

My amazing husband spent lots of time and effort in filling the birth pool and boiling pots of water to add to it,
While at the same time being very present for me.

The loving touch of my husband while I work through a contraction...

...and the joy that comes right after the contraction :)

Feathers were a major theme in this labor and birth as a reminder that God covers me with His feathers, protects me under the shelter of His great wings, and no harm can touch me (Psalm 91)

Working on another contraction - feeling it getting close!

My husband is such a carrier of Peace and Faith and was such a loving supporter through it all
I finally got to get into the birth pool around midnight, and things moved along quickly!

It was all very exciting!

I remember singing and worshiping here while I was pushing

It was so beautiful...

...and with just a few pushes...

There he came (at 12:51am)!  So perfect in all his glory!

He hardly made a sound!  It was so peaceful!

And then this happened...

My little "Arrow" boy grabbed hold of my arrows on my neck!
(Read about the meaning of his name HERE)

Welcome to the world, Kairos Yarah!