Friday, March 11, 2011

"And the Dragon Stood at the Shore of the Sea..."

Many of you have probably already heard about the massive earthquake in Japan that occurred last night (our time) and has caused tsunamis to travel across the Pacific toward Hawaii, California, and Alaska.
Reports predict that waves should start hitting the coast of California right around now (8am PST)

When I hear a report like this, I like to take action.
"Not on my watch!" is a phrase that rises up in my spirit.
Just as Jesus said 'Be Still' to the waters in the midst of a raging storm (where his disciples were panicking and thought they were going to die), I too command the waters to 'BE STILL!'
After all, the waters listened to Jesus.  And I know I have just as much authority as He does!

Last year around this time, there was a massive earthquake in Chile that caused a tsunami to head straight for Hawaii.
Last year I also said "Not on my watch!"
And guess what?  There was no tsunami, and no damage, in Hawaii!

I'm telling you, as children of the Almighty God, we really do have the authority to stop tsunamis!  We MUST rise up and take ownership.  Especially when we live in a world of fear, a world that hangs on every bad report and spreads it around like wildfire, instilling fear in all those who do not believe in the Power of God!

I came home this morning to my husband telling me about his dream last night.
He dreamt we were in Waikiki, Hawaii, in a high-rise hotel, and a huge red dragon came out of the water and started heading for the hotel.  And people were running in fear.

This reminded me of the story in Revelation 12 about the "red dragon" who pursued the pregnant woman to devour her Child (Jesus).  But her Child was caught up to God in heaven, and seated at the throne.  And though the dragon still pursued the woman, God gave her 'the two wings of the great eagle' and she flew away to safety, to a place of nourishment.
And the dragon "poured water like a river out of his mouth after the woman to sweep her away with a flood' 
but 'the earth opened her mouth and swallowed up the flood which the dragon cast out of his mouth.'
The final verse of the chapter reads, 
"and the dragon stood at the shore of the sea."

This is such a cryptic, poetic picture to me that has always struck me as beautiful and victorious.  I see the dragon, defeated and stranded, angry, huffing and puffing, standing at the sand of the sea, looking out at the water and not knowing what to do.  He keeps trying to capture and destroy the woman, but over and over he comes up short.

This is the picture I see even now with all the chaos from the devastating earthquake in Japan, and the fear that is spreading about with the tsunami on its way to the west coast.  I see a people rising up with determination, authority and faith in their hearts, and justice in their spirits, against the dragon who wants to destroy the land.  And I see a defeated dragon standing at the shore of the sea unable to do anything!!!!

Preston's dream was a very prophetic encounter!
I looked online at the reports about Hawaii, and this morning around 3:30am, waves did reach Hawaii, but did very little damage (Hallelujah)
Furthermore, "water rushed onshore in Honolulu, swamping the beach in Waikiki, and surging over the break wall in the resort, but stopped short of the area's high-rise hotels!!!" (click HERE for article) 
There has been little to no damage whatsoever to Hawaii thus far today from the tsunami!  Let us hold on to this good report and declare the Word of the Lord for the California coast (and Alaska too)!
God is good ALL THE TIME!

Come on Mighty Ones!  I call you, I awaken you, I say RISE UP!  Come out of hiding underneath your covers!  Start prophesying LIFE and PEACE and take dominion over the earth!  Don't you know that the devil has been defeated?!  Don't you know that Jesus won and has given us everything to rule and reign here?!

Preston wrote in his blog this morning about his dream and the Tsunami:
The earth right now is groaning for the birthing of genuine sons and daughters of God to awaken and step into their destiny and destroy the works of the devil.  I think many “natural disasters” are not natural at all.  They are the results of demonic influences as well as the earth itself groaning under the prison of sin where God’s children have not taken ownership to subdue it and bring life and peace.
(Read Preston's blog HERE)

We are more than conquerors.


  1. Wow, powerful! I agree! I had a similar dream last night, after my mom came in and told me! My twin sis is in Hawaii ;)

  2. Both blogs (yours and Preston's) about this are amazing. What a great call to action! We need to take up our swords and fight the dragon fearlessly! Prayer...mighty, powerful prayer.