Saturday, February 12, 2011

Welcome to Grandma's House

My Grandma is a pretty awesome woman.  How many of you LOVED going to Grandma's house growing up?  I still do.  She has the coolest treasures, freezer always stocked with vanilla ice cream (my fav), and no matter how many bowls I already had in one day, she'd always let me have more.  Ahh, I love Grandma...

My sister compiled a collection of photos of some of Grandma's treasures, and I couldn't resist posting them...Enjoy :)

Grandma's house is also called the "Key Lodge"
How sweet is that?!  She has such an awesome collection of keys, as you will see...

So many glorious keys

A Native American (could he be an ancestor??)

A castle and maybe a gnome? Or a troll?
I LOVE castles!

My Grandma is a full Swede.  Some of my heritage.

I like this

Grandma is a lover of owls!
Added to her massive key collection is her awesome owl collection

She also has an incredible library.  My Grandpa loved books.
He was a Professor of Greek, Bible and Theology,  as well as a pastor
This is in the garage

I don't even know who this is or where this is from,
but it is definitely something I remember from my Grandma's house since I was a kid

Some elephant firgurines

Pretty cool organ

That's all for Grandma's house for now.
Makes me want to visit her :)



  1. You have one amazing grandma girl! And, yes! All my memories of my grandma are very much like you described yours! I miss mine so, so much! She was the epitome of unconditional love! Fun pics! Thanks for sharing!

  2. At Grandma's house, at Grandma's house, I'm always welcome without a doubt -- no chores to do and goodies I can't refuse, I love it at Grandma's house!

  3. Haha mom I was singing that song over and over all day when I posted this