Monday, February 14, 2011

Year of Expectancy!

I can't believe it's been a year (almost to the day) since I ventured to move to the cold Fargo North Dakota.  But here I am a year later with a year of marriage under my belt, a year of Fargo living, and with new adventures on the way...I feel a sense of expectancy and excitement about this year!

Preston and I are pleased to announce that we are "expecting" a little one of our own in October!  What an amazing journey we are jumping into these next 9 months!  Woo hoo! I am ecstatic with a trillion butterflies in my stomach reminding me of the miracle that is developing inside me!!  It's pure joy.  

I look forward to springtime, when winter has passed, looking forward to the warmer weather, the growing of the tummy, the developing of my child and prophesying destiny over him or her.

I think it is significant that Preston and I have named our children before they were even created, just like God has named us.  Naming is valuable.  It's about identity and destiny and purpose.  Now my husband and I sit in eager expectation of who is going to enter the world this fall...  
Is it Story?  Could it be Courage?  2011 does mark the year of the "Roaring Lion" (according to Bob Jones' prophecy), which means authority and maybe this is the year of Courage Hall.  Time will only tell!   
Our one year anniversary (1-1-11)
Cutting our wedding cake from last year <3

This super cute vintage rocking chair I picked up at a thrift store.
I absolutely LOVE this color green.
This will go perfect in our baby room ;)


  1. That chair looks so much like the one I used to rock you in... minus the rockers! Except it wasn't green. ;-) It's wonderful. Like you.

  2. Congrats! am super happy for both of you!

  3. Say, Pan Fan...
    Did you know about these two books? They're very different from all the 'other' ones, for two different reasons.

    First, there's a novel that's based on Barrie's very own idea for more adventure. And guess what! Tiger Lily is prominently featured in it!

    And then there's a great "What if?" story that charts a new course for the characters & tale entirely - and yep, Tiger Lily is a big part of the tale. This one, though, is NOT for kids!

    Hope you like them both!