Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Earth Day!

Isn't it cool that Earth Day falls on Good Friday,
which celebrates sweet Jesus' sacrifice
in saving the whole earth?
I like that...
Here is a tribute to a super amazing man that I love:

I am a man, a king and a servant
I've seen many palaces; I've spent nights in the dirt
I've walked these dirt roads, 
I've sailed these great seas,
I've seen powerful dreams released and increased.
I've had friends that were closer than brothers,
who loved me more than a mother,
and I them.
Yet I always knew it would come to an end.
But the end was only the beginning.
It was only the climax of what is in the happening.

What I am shaping is a new awakening 
of life and purpose in a world that is quaking.
I burn with a vision,
I'm passionate and driven,
and my Father is my favorite companion.
I was born for this world,
born to breathe life into empty souls.
Born to live and die, to die and live.
My paradigms don't fit these minds,
these keys I hold find
hidden doors to hidden times.

I know what what rejection is more than anyone else.
I've injected it as I've wrapped people up in my heart,
as other forces tried to tear me apart.
I know what betrayal is - 
a total derail of what could have been real,
what could have been life,
but instead a love disloyal,
assassinated with a kiss 
and he missed his time to rise.
I embraced him anyway
I wish there was another way,
but he died that day
and I followed my way
to my long awaited mortality.
It's for humanity - 
my God's great idea.
My Dad's favorite design
He gave me His vision, a desire to rewind
what was taken from Him.

I've engulfed abandonment
absorbed a world's sinfulness
so that it rid me of an sliver of hope
that someone is still there for me.
It was the deepest darkest hour of my life
where even my loving Father turned His face away
where I felt like the weight of a thousand earths
was put on my chest until I died that day
The heaviness that crushed me to the point of death
it was what I had to bear to snatch
my Father's children back
So I released my final breath
remembering the treasure in heaven
I exhaled my spirit, prevailed death,
and restored the standard again

Now I have died and gone below this sad corrupted earth,
I have passed the point of no return,
passed the point of fatal departure
But my Dad, He pulled me up by the hand,
and shocked this world with one command -
"Arise and shine, you shall live!"
and I rose from below to give
this world a chance to breath, to grow,
to fly and soar and kill the foe!

We are restoring a broken world to its original design.
Heaven is our token, 
and everything in it is yours and mine.
Heaven and Earth is waiting to be reunited,
lighted by the face of God.
Be ignited by this taste, 
don't waste what was bought.

I am a man, a brother and a lover
and I am yours
if you'll have me

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