Thursday, April 28, 2011

Countdown to Baby's Gender

14 days!
Just 14 days and we find out if it is Courage or Story who is growing inside me!
I cannot tell you how exciting and how almost frustrating it is - frustrating because I am just dying to know who the little one is!  
One of the downsides to being such the "planner" that I am is that I tend to want things now - once I'm ready, I have a hard time being patient.
So these next 14 days might be trying for me. 
I guess I have to learn to focus on the process and enjoy each moment.

I've started a journal to my baby, as suggested by Preston, and I've titled it
"Before You Were Born."
The clock towers on the cover have to do with the Peter Pan fairy tale, Preston's and my romance, and so much more.
I figure once I find out if it's a boy or girl I can dress the little owl on the front accordingly (since right now it's pretty "girlie").
I'll put the name of the baby on the front too.
The journal consistes of letters to Baby, encouraging him or her, speaking life and destiny over him or her and prophesying over him or her.
It's awesome to just sit with God and hear His heart and love for this little one.
But, I tell you, I feel so limited because I don't know if the baby is Courage or Story.
I feel like once I know, then I can better prophesy and speak specific things over him or her.
And I can't wait for that!

Meanwhile, I have busy and super early mornings at work to pass the time.
I come home, go on the computer for a little bit, maybe - and this is a BIG maybe - I get a few household things done, and then I crash either on the couch or in bed for a good 3 to 4 hours.
This routine is not one I would likely choose.  Except my body is just so exhausted ALL THE TIME!
I cannot wait for when I have more energy - especially with spring FINALLY peeking in here in Fargo.  And I can go bike riding, play outside, exercise...and not take 4 hour naps every day!
But I know it is important to listen to my body and to recognize that there is a beautiful miracle at work inside me!

So, 14 days to go!!

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