Friday, May 13, 2011

...Now I Know Just What You Are!

It was an amazing experience watching our little baby move around inside me.  As I held Preston's hand and cranked my head for almost an hour to watch the ultrasound screen, most of the time trying desperately to make out what part of the baby I was seeing, I felt the butterflies in my stomach - though not yet from the baby's movement - from the excitement and awe of seeing our very own child for the first time!  Wow!

So, it turns out our predictions and inklings were true all along - 2011 truly is the year of COURAGE...Courage Ruah Hall!  He is one active little boy, that's for sure.  Though I cannot feel him move around yet, we saw him spinning around and moving his limbs for almost an hour.  He was playing hide-and-seek most of the time as he buried his face low in the bottom of my womb.  Once he was in a good position for a potentially good shot of his face, he covered it with both his arms.  Haha.  I hope to go in sometime when he's bigger to see if we can get a better photo.  But I am overjoyed and pleased with today's experience!

I didn't realize how much my belly has actually grown.  But seeing today's picture compared to the one from a couple months ago, I can definitely see the difference!
12 weeks
19 weeks


  1. Oh just wait! Your belly will seem like it never stops growing. I was telling Joe today I think our little baby is too big for my belly. I feel like she's more in my ribs than anything. Even sitting down feels almost unbearable! But only 5 more weeks to go! And then I get to hold her and slowly get my body back! I can't wait. Treasure the time you are in right goes by fast!

  2. Haha. Well I'm so excited for you Renae! Soon enough she'll be here!!!