Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Family Time Photos!

My family was here from California  for the last several days, and it was so lovely to have them in my home and to spend time with them!  I've missed them so much!  The last time I saw them was when Preston and I went out to California in September!!  9 months is way too long!

We did many things, such as decorated Courage's room a bit, spent a couple days in Minneapolis, bought a brand new beautiful white bicycle for Preston, which he calls his "white stallion," and wrapped up our family time with some tie-dying!

The moms, or "grandmas," helped put some forest trees decals on our bright turquoise wall in Courage's room!
I'm so excited because it feels so bright and happy and Neverland-like in the room!!
Before & After:

In Minneapolis, we went to the Mall of America, where we tried on some accessories at Urban Outfitters:

Lunch at the Mall of America

Waiting for Preston to decide on which bicycle to get at Erik's bike shop in Minneapolis

Finally, we all tie-dyed some onesies for Courage on a hot sunny day.  It was so cute seeing my parents get into it!  I love that the onesies are all hand-painted by my very own family!

I love my family SO MUCH!  I wish they could have stayed longer!  I watched them leave this morning at 7am and I miss them already :(
Bye Bye Family...See you in October when Courage arrives!

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