Tuesday, September 20, 2011

38 Weeks! (More Photos)

38 weeks pregnant and I am feeling excited and healthy!
It's been rough working early (and I mean earrrrly) mornings these last couple weeks, but this week is my last week of 5am or 6am shifts at the good ol' Starbucks.
I am SO looking forward to sleeping in, being well rested, and having no agenda except soaking in God's Presence, in worship, prayer, and scripture, to help prepare my body, soul and spirit for the childbirth.
In just a couple weeks or so, my whole life will change -- I will forever be a mother.
What an incredible, eye-opening revelation!  No longer will I be just responsible for myself, or even for Preston.  No longer will I be merely a daughter of God, a wife, a woman...but also a mother - responsible for a child...for his entire life!!  Amazing!

(The following photos were taking at 34 weeks by Kimberly Groszhans)

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