Monday, September 26, 2011

39 weeks!

Courage is due a week from THIS Wednesday!  I can hardly believe it's right around the corner.
I don't feel like I'll be going into labor early.  I haven't had any signs of labor, like Braxton Hicks or him dropping.  He is still sitting pretty nice and high :)
But he is head down, so that's great!
I am so thankful to God for having such a wonderful pregnancy with no complications, morning sickness, and no swelling!  I've officially gained about 30 pounds over the last 9 months, which is awesome.  I feel good about that.

We finally got our NEW crib the other day and I eagerly set it up all by myself!
(Well, Preston helped at the beginning before he went to work.  And me being...well me, i didn't want to wait for him to get off work so I just finished it all up!) 
It's very pretty and now the room is COMPLETE!

Preston also suggested I write scripture declarations on the birth pool.  Such a cool idea!  I love that I'll be laboring in that pool with those prophetic declarations of God's Word and Will surrounding me!

Mom flies in on Sunday, so I've been asking God and Courage to come sometime between next Monday and Friday! <3

I've been encouraging myself and building my faith for this birth by re-reading through Jackie Mize's book Supernatural Childbirth.  The amazing, positive testimonies of women giving birth with ease and confidence helps me surrender my fears and rest in God's peace!  It's all about renewing my mind and commanding my body to line up in perfect order - "in earth as it is in heaven" - and strengthening my spirit to lead me in Holy Spirit throughout this process.
I'm excited!!


  1. I love the words on the birthing pool! AND the crib is beautiful.

  2. this is WONDERFUL!!! :) love you Bethany, agreeing with you for all these good things!