Thursday, August 25, 2011

Birth Pool!

I got the birth pool set up!  It took forever to inflate the whole thing, but now it's up and ready to fill with water at birthtime!  I spent much of yesterday afternoon setting up that room, decorating the window, and envisioning what it will be like to give birth in there.  I made a playlist of music for the time of birth - some peaceful/soaking music, worship music, upbeat music, etc....a nice variety of my favorite songs!
The first song is something Preston recorded on Garage Band of his voice declaring and praying over me and Courage and the birth, along with some mellow music in the background.  I absolutely LOVE it.  It is so so encouraging.  He declares God's Word over me and speaks FAITH and PEACE over me.  
Some other artists: Songs of Water, Ocean Lab, Owl City, Ian Mcintosh, Jesus Culture, Bethel Live, Brian and Jenn Johnson, Kristene Mueller/DiMarco, Jason Upton, Misty Edwards, The Riveras....*sigh* all such beautiful Holy Spirit-filled music :)

Our Narnia lamp, Narnia shield, and Narnia sword :)
Speaks of Courage!
The painting, although you can't see it in these pictures, is one I painted last year and speaks of Peace and soaking in God's Presence.  The woman is completely at peace, underwater ("soaking") and she has no worries or fears.  She holds the keys to the Kingdom (access to truth and Heaven) in her hand. She is dressed in white, like a pure white bride.  And from her heart is a parachute with the colors of the rainbow.  I specifically chose rainbow colors to decorate the window to remind me of the promises of God.  "By His stripes we are healed" and "You will be safe and sound in childbearing as you continue in faith, love, holiness, and self control."  I hung the star lights because Courage is like a twinkling star to me (Remember my Twinkle Twinkle Little Star post?).  I will stand on the promises of God.

There are so many little details that I have to take care of as it gets closer the the big day.  Such as  setting aside towels and blankets and pillows, etc, getting plastic liners, a birth supplies kit, a hose to attach to the shower or sink to fill the birth pool...I have a long list!  I can't wait to check it all off!

My parents booked their flights out here for October!  I am so happy they will be here when Courage is born.  And Preston and I just booked our flights to Redding for Christmastime!  I am so excited to spend Christmas and New Years (also our anniversary) with my family in California and for Courage to meet the rest of the family!!  Ahhh I'm so happy!!!

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