Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Updates & Photos

Last week I had Preston take some photos of me and the baby bump, since I realized I'm already at 30 weeks (last week, now I'm at 31 weeks) and I still don't have many decent/cute photos of my growing belly!  I can't believe I've gone this long without getting a good "photo shoot" in.  But thankfully I connected with a friend who is a photographer who will take some photos of us later this month...

Yes, I did the classic "heart on the belly" pose, lol

I feel like every pregnant woman does something different with their hair while their pregnant, whether it's dye it or chop it off, add extensions, etc.  Most, I think, go for the drastic hair-cut, but I have vowed not to cut my hair again for a lonnnng time ever since I did a couple years ago and hated it.  So I decided to go more blonde.  My friend put highlights in yesterday and I like it :)
I'll have to post pics later. 
But here are the beautiful FLOWERS my Love bought me last night <3
I love how exotic and vibrant they are

Last weekend I went to my sister-in-law's baby shower.  She's due in October too with her first baby - it's a girl!!  It's so exciting that we are getting two additions to the Hall family, not only in the same year but also in the same MONTH!

Here's my cute outfit I wore to the mall the other day ;)
Still trying to get creative in style with my changing body...

I purchased my birthing pool the other day and I can't help but envision where I want to set it up.  I'm getting rid of our futon that is in the prayer room/baby room so that there is more space.  And I am attempting at figuring out how to set up the crib.  It's kind of a challenge.  It's also a challenge trying to move stuff around, such as the futon, since it's heavy.  If I wasn't pregnant, I'd probably try to move that whole thing out by myself.  Instead, I've settled for moving the futon mattress from the baby room to the living room where it waits to be moved into the garage.  Oh, the things I could accomplish if I could only LIFT more weight.  ha!

I've had to walk a lot lately, not really by choice, though I know it is good exercise.  My car is in the shop, and since Preston has been kind of "under the weather" the last few days, he's taken the car to work rather than ride bike.  Yesterday he dropped me off at work at 5am, and I decided I would just walk home.  It took my 45 minutes and my feet were burning with aching pain by the time I got home.  I ran them under cold water in the bath tub for a good 15 minutes, but they still hurt.  Ugh, it was not fun.  So I sat around the rest of the day, and then Preston gave me a foot rub before bed.
Today, I rode my bike to work.  
Biking is so much more efficient than walking.
Whoever says you can't ride bike while you're 7 months pregnant is wrong.
It's so much easier and faster than walking 2+ miles on hard concrete.

That's all for my updates for now :) 

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