Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Owl

I received this sweet Halloween Owl in the mail from my grandma, addressed to Courage Ruah.  It's from her very own owl collection!  Growing up, I always loved Grandma's owl collection (check out my "Welcome to Grandma's House" blog for a peak at her owl and key collection).  It's so special to me that she passed on this little black owl figurine to her very first great-grandchild!  
I can't wait for Courage to meet her this Christmas when we fly home to California for the holiday!

"Star of Mommy's Blog" bib -- (a gift)
Stylin' knitted 50-year-old booties/shoes -- (cool story about where these came from: Preston's grandma, so Courage's great-grandma on Preston's side, had these booties when she was pregnant over 50 years ago, but ended up having a girl - Preston's aunt - instead of a boy.  So these were saved and never worn all these years!)

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