Sunday, January 23, 2011

Happy Thoughts Sunday

Here are 10 of my Happy Thoughts this week!

Super cute jumper (by thaitee on etsy) 

This most emotional and passionate “almost kiss” scene in 
Pride and Prejudice!
**Sigh…*  I love this movie.
Akiane, most talented child artist.  She painted this painting, titled ‘Journey,’ when she was just 9 years old!  She writes:...As I was diving underwater one day, I met the most beautiful child.  He will be in space, I thought. I will paint him and through him I will share my own story and vision... I later found out that I'd called the painting Journey for a reason, because the painting was lost and after a long time miraculously was found on the other side of the world...”
  Trying to make my skinny husband look like a convincing Santa Claus

Clock Towers.  
Because they remind me of classic movies like 
Peter Pan or Back to the Future…
(this clock tower is in Duluth, MN.  Beautiful place).

African children – they have such lively spirits!

Glass Beach in Fort Bragg, California. 
A beautiful secret! (where “time and the pounding surf have corrected one of man’s mistakes”) 

This Moment ("where we met in the middle as a riddle began to unfold…") 
Photo by Bret Christensen 

A perfect picnic

So delicious and loaded with antioxidants!

Happy Sunday!



  1. Love your posts!! Keep posting! How often do you go up to Fort Bragg? That's not too far from where Mike and I are. Would love to visit with you guys sometime. Miss you Bethany

  2. I just can't get enough of your happy moments, Bethany! Tears well up as I think of you. Happy tears. I ran across a Christmas card from you to Dad yesterday, and I read it to him. He wept, snatched it out of my hand, and gently tucked it into his drawer. :-) You bless us over and again.

    By the way, I still smile at your rainbow boots and Preston's turquoise shoes on the bridge. Just wonderful.