Thursday, January 27, 2011

Storytime Thursday

This is an excerpt from a story I am working on about two children on an adventure.
I will periodically post pieces of their journey on this blog :)

There once was a girl and a boy who loved the smell of adventure.

            One day they found a map while they were playing in their attic, only the map was not like any map you might suppose.  An ordinary person might mistake it for a simple piece of scratch paper, or a meaningless bit of garbage, and tragically let it slip away in a trash bin where it would be buried and forgotten forever.  And that is almost exactly what happened.  If it weren't for this particular afternoon, when the boy and girl's curiosity lead them upstairs into "The Tower," as they like to call the attic, that map may have never been discovered.  But luckily, while the girl was standing on an old wooden chair next to a desk covered in mounds of seemingly worthless papers, her foot slipped and knocked over a small trash can beneath her.  Not to worry, for she had impeccable balance and was able to stay standing with her other foot.  And as she braced herself almost effortlessly, the boy spotted the scroll of paper that rolled out of the trashcan. 
            "What's that!" he exclaimed as he pointed to the piece of paper.  The girl jumped down from the chair and picked it up, noticing how thin and worn the paper felt. 
            "Well, it's definitely valuable," she said as she examined it and handed it to the boy.  The boy unrolled it and nodded, "Yes, indeed most valuable.  I think it is a map."  The girl agreed as they looked at the old piece of paper in their hands, and in unison, they said "...a treasure map!" Their eyes gleamed and they both smiled a knowing smile. For they knew something wonderful was ahead of them.
            The reason I say this map is not like any ordinary map is because this map had no real words or images on it.  In fact, it was more like a blank piece of paper, with a couple of hardly-noticed ink smudges.  But children notice things that an ordinary stranger may never notice.  And these particular children always know treasure when they see it.  So the girl rolled up the treasure map and tied a string to it, which she then tied around her neck.  And the boy and girl set off downstairs and out the front door and headed for the woods.  For the woods is always where adventure happens and treasures are found.  And these children knew this.  So they traveled toward the trees like two sojourners ready for adventure, ready for anything and everything, with their hearts set on the treasure that they knew was waiting for them...  

Stay tuned for more of this story in the upcoming weeks!

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