Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Vacation...and some Tuna

Well Christmas vacation has been so good out here in California, spending time with my parents and brother and sister.  I sort of don't want to leave :)

I'm kind of into knitting now!  I'm like one of those moms now that knits and bakes and stuff.
So here is what I made for my family this Christmas:

"Handstitched with Love & Prayer by Bethany Hall"

I paired each scarf with a hand-written scroll with a prophetic word to each of them, and a feather that matched the color of the scarf! 
It was so fun picking the colors for each family member and praying for them and declaring over them as I knitted each stitch, knowing that they would wear these scarves (and promises) around their necks!


On a second note, Christmas at my Grandma's was very entertaining.
My sweet and hilarious Uncle Kev handed each of us "kids" a newspaper-wrapped gift (which is his trademark).
He chuckled as we opened them.
"Tuna?!" my sister exclaimed in confusion (for she was the first to open it).
Yep, we each got a can of tuna with a $20 bill attached to it!
And then my uncle says,
"I was thinking, why go to the store when I can just go to the pantry!"

Haha!  So funny.

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